Monday, March 12, 2012

you deserve to have your dreams come true

The weekend brought along cooler weather, digging my hands in the earth, hosting friends for an Indian feast made by Mike (although everyone in our family is beyond tired and a bit of crazy hit by the time we were all done eating), and even a chunk of time alone when Mike and the kids took granny out to breakfast. I got writing time, a work out, and read. I washed the car, turned the multiple compost piles, cleaned the chicken coop, made yogurt, picked greens and made pesto, and more. Mike did a mini list of tasks, as well, and the kids played together for a long, long time in the sandbox. With some much needed extra sleep for my three people (despite the time change), it was one of those weekends that is close to home and so fulfilling as a result.

Today is the first day of Erin Goodman's Planting the Seeds FunShop and it obviously could not come at a better time for me. Thank you (thank you!), all, for commenting on my Friday post, sharing, and making me feel so much less alone. Indeed, the friend I mentioned who is moving away soon, signed up for the FunShop with me, so hopefully she and I can encourage each other along.

I was nearing the last page of my notebook (I didn't realize it was already a year old!) and so decided today is a perfect day to turn a new page and begin with a new notebook. I chose a beautiful image by Valentina Ramos, free from Feed Your Soul, as my new cover.

You Deserve to Have Your Dream Come True. Beautifully said.


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