Monday, January 11, 2010

WIP - home

does anyone else have a guy that won't take a photo seriously? i must have 20 shots like these. the last was the best i managed to get.

i am feeling the need to focus my attention towards our home and family right now. while my bloggy focus last week was very me, in my real world, several of my favorite people, little and big, have been sick, tired, overwhelmed, otherwise very much in need of assistance. i was able to give them some attention (as was mike), but i admit, our weekend was very full and we were split and divided helping others. i am extremely tired this moanday morning (i know i am not the only one in our house) and i am feel like paying better attention to that itch to keep clearing, cleaning, organizing, rearranging, and otherwise trying to cozy up the space we come home to at the end of the day.

so, this is the post where i admit that, despite the fact that we (okay, mike) does almost all the renovations to our old, fixer ourselves (himself), it takes us forever. in fact, mike half cringed and half laughed when lala said to him the other day "dada, you can fix anything...but it takes you a year." ummm, in some cases it take longer, little one. (and no, we didn't tell her that it was because of her and her little brother that either a) we don't have the time to spend on the house or b) her "help" actually makes things take longer!)

over winter break, when mike was home from work, i admit, we didn't have the same relaxed family time we had during his week off at thanksgiving. i think it was partly the disjointed holiday schedule, his having to work from home part time, and partly illness, but he did manage to make significant progress on some home projects, which felt good all around.

our hallway had an old heater that was deemed unsafe. we blocked the gas line, removed the heater, patched part of the wall, painted, and this past week, mike completed a cupboard for the space the wall heater had been and began putting new trim around the doors. the trim and cupboard doors still need paint.

i swore i wouldn't post anything from the kitchen until it was done, but like i said, slow going around here, so it continues to be a work in progress. below, new trim, testing paint colors, and stripped and repaired drawers, getting ready for paint.

our front entry closet has been chalkboard painted for a long time now and we love it, so mike decided to paint the door going from our kitchen to our basement room with chalkboard paint. part of the WIP was cleaning up the remaining (3/4 full) can of chalkboard paint that finn dropped (lid popped off) on the kitchen floor. oy.

i emptied, decluttered, sorted, re-organized, and refilled the kids' closet. (where does all this stuff come from? i mean, really, we are so blessed. my kids are clothed for the next 2 years from the generosity of friends and family! i think it also reproduces when the door is closed.)

i still have more purging and much re-organization to do. and cleaning. those are the things i am good at.

and not photographed, but seriously appreciated by me...mike put a switch plate cover on the bathroom light switch. it had been without one for 18 months, because a new one needed to be custom fit after some electrical work had been done.

what have you been up to post-holidays?


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