Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend (and questions)


i have some random questions i am hoping some of you might have thoughts on...
  1. any tips on how to get rust stains out of a white tile counter?
  2. legitimate resources for learning more about nutritional healing and alternative therapies, particularly for boosting one's immune system? (i come from a family of scientists and believe in western medicine. i am open to alternative treatments, but don't know enough about them, and know myself well enough to know i need to know the treatments are grounded in history and research. i have been having recurrent infections. as an otherwise healthy, young-ish person, it finally smacked me that this shouldn't be happening and i want to try other things to find my way back to my healthier self.)
  3. does anyone have experience with lactose intolerance and where should i start to learn more?
  4. parents...any tricks for a 2 year old who wants to be the 5 year old and a 5 year old who wants to be the 2 year old?!
and i am welcoming the week with some images of our very relaxed, family centered weekend.. (can you feel my smile?)

dinner for two, at home. clean house, sleeping kids, nutritious meal. lovely.

puzzles with dada. (wearing my boots. our kids love to go in our closet and try on my shoes. the shoes i never wear, because i favor clogs and flip flops. so i put on a skirt and wore the boots when we left the house. what a perky change for me!)

lots of dancing. all of us. right now, all of us are loving train's hey, soul sister

hot chocolate from a favorite coffee shop in the mug i remembered to bring from home

"second christmas" with stian home and our friend, rhian, in town for the weekend

the tomato person my mom made for isabella. she loves tomatoes and this was a huge giggly hit

we had local zachary's pizza, which even finn, at only two, devours.

the boy loves to blow out candles

and below, from our family romp. (i can't bring myself to call anything with kids a "hike," but this comes close, i suppose. and the jacket-less finn? he kept stripping it and the rest of us were bundled. of course, his romp was a run, i guess.)

how was your weekend?


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