Saturday, January 30, 2010

inspired internet:: january 2010

locals, i posted to the examiner about free zoo admission this weekend

happy saturday! for those that liked the ironing/movie night idea, the first was a success. we watched julie & julia, which was so enjoyable and entertaining. i laughed at all the funny ways julie obsessed over her blog (umm, i relate a little too much) and the part at which she had a meltdown on her kitchen floor over not getting something done right? mike was laughing loudly exclaiming "that's you! that is so you." eesh. anyway... a great movie pick and chores done.

it is time to share january's inspired internet list. the list is incredibly long this month. for those of you who are new to my blog, i don't share a blog roll. i have a constant fear of unintentionally excluding someone. (my blog reader is overloaded, though!) instead, i share a monthly list of links to postings i have been inspired by and personally want to bookmark. i have tried to roughly sort the list by loose category, because i know this is a long list to peruse!

needle crafts:
other crafts:

parenting & home:

frugality, and eco-living:other inspired links:
  • sunnydaytodaymama, a fellow corner view participant, has an incredible list: 50 inspiring links
  • whip-up's best of lists. a list of lists. i am overwhelmed at the possibilities!
  • michelle stumbled on my blog and linked through to hers. she is working her way around the internet letting each blog lead her to the next. very cool project.
  • i am just deeply moved by ginny's blog, small things

are there any links i missed that you want to share in the comments?


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