Saturday, December 26, 2009

very merry

happy boxing day! how are you? i hope those of you who celebrate christmas had a joyous family celebration and those of you who don't took pleasure in the quiet stillness that seems to belong to december 25th.

we spent the day at our home and my parents' home. mike and i were with our kiddos and our parents, but missing our siblings. with a simplified (yet still shockingly overindulgent) day yesterday, half of us sick, we celebrated together from dark to dark.

the best christmas present was that my mom's latest scan for cancer was clear.

how has your week been? we had a sunshine, spare the air day yesterday (no hearth fire!), but today is cool, grey, and threatening rain. we are headed for some outside time before it hits.

'twas the night before christmas

unwrapped at home

at my parents' house: stockings; my dad vaffler-making; the table; my mom and isabella; mike, lala, and me (finnian was napping); my brother on google chat (from antarctica); us talking to my brother; isabella and mike's mom; finnian and my mom


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