Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the creativity of others

homemade gifts we have received have been some of the most creative, beautiful, and most appreciated items. as a crafter, i know how much time and thought homemade items take, so i am always particularly touched. here are just a few homemade gifts we have received. perhaps they will inspire some last minute gifts for some of you!

the princess and the pea set gifted to isabella from marina for her birthday. she made a pile of mattresses, a felted pea (!!), and outfitted a plan toys person in a princess outfit. she then packed it all in a homemade gift bag (being reused by me for isabella's christmas present!) with a copy of the princess and the pea. the photos of this set on marina's blog are beautiful!

cloth groceries bags, full of food. each bag contains a complete meal, right down to the beverage and dessert. we received four of these last christmas from my parents.

homemade soap, from rhian. this is just one of several batches of soap she has made for us. i love her soaps. (rhian, the olive oil one is fabulous on sensitive skin!) rhian has also crocheted hats, a baby blanket (one of finn's two favorites and he won't use anything else at home), soap bags, and all sorts of other goodies for us!

missing in photos but not in memory (i have my fingers crossed more is coming our way) is liz's hot fudge. hands down the best hot fudge we've ever had (and it has been tested by several family members now)!

two of my dearest friends, tracy and genevieve have knitted and crocheted baby blankets, hats, purses, eyeglass cases, scarves, baby sweaters, and other assorted treasures for me and the kids.

and there are so many other wonderful homemade gifts i am not mentioning, but so appreciate!

what are some of the homemade gifts you have received that you've appreciated?


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