Monday, October 12, 2009

weekend projects

did you have a nice weekend?

autumn definitely arrived in our neck of the woods this weekend. in fact, it was more like early winter weather here. grey, crisp, damp air, with the threat of rain to come this week. i stood outside last night soaking in the coolness, smelling all the wood fire smoke filtering from our neighbors, trying to decide whether to hang laundry or not. (i didn't want our laundry to smell like smoke i the only one who has woken up to the sound of rain and run out into the dark at 1 am to remove laundry before it all gets soaked again?)

saturday was cool, but sunny enough to be filled with autumn yard work. i pulled dead plants for compost and started moving junk from the yard to our driveway, prepping for bulky pick-up. mike turned the dirt patch (that was once our grass) to add amendment and re-seed before the rain. he also added the final capping to our deck rail, which looks so nice! as we moved into late afternoon, i moved inside and warmed the house with the good smells that baking brings.

and once the kids were tucked in bed (very welcome as finn has been sick and not napping or sleeping well), i got a little crafting time in. i sewed this reversible placemat for lala, complete with utensil pocket and sewn in napkin ring on each side. i used decorator weight fabric on one side and some more of that vintage sheet (that keeps on giving) on the other. (both were from the thrift store.) lala loved it, so i plan to make another for finn. i took photos along the way, with the thought of writing another tutorial, but i am not sure the tutorials i have done so far have been all that useful, as not all that many of you who read which name? sew. (well, those of you i know of, at least!) let me know what you think and if you are interested in a tutorial.

and so we roll into a new week. it feels like a big shift. stian is gone now, my parents are returning from an extended time away, close friends are back from their trip (which means our childcare swap resumes), and the weather is begging me to cozy up and keep clearing house.

what are you up to?


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