Saturday, October 31, 2009

inspired internet :: october

for the locals, a posting about dia de los muertos is up at the examiner.

happy halloween!

last month, i decided to limit my linky love to once monthly, collecting links of interest to me, thoughout the month, and posting at the end of each month. below is what i've bookmarked for october's inspired internet collection.

the photos in this post? almost self-explanatory, i imagine, given it is halloween! our front yard spooktacular graveyard (mike loves decorating for halloween. it is our sole exterior decor holiday) and photos from the halloween party mike's work hosted for employees' kids yesterday evening.

the costumes? well, i admit, as much as i love sewing and would love to boast homemade costumes, i am not sure it is likely to happen often. isabella happens to be wearing a crown and cape that were mamma made (as a fairy, can't you tell?) because her lighthouse keeper costume (thanks eph!) was too hot. (those of you in colder climates, please don't hate me for saying that.) finn's costume had no chance of being mamma made because the adorable alligator costume (thanks, karen!) you see him in was one of four given to us as hand me downs. as for me? i took one step into mike's workshop and grabbed a few things to create a frugal construction chick costume.

as for the guess is both kids will be dressed in entirely different costumes tomorrow. that's what being a kid is (almost) all about....imagination and limitless fun.

october's inspired internet:

needle crafts

simple living


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