Sunday, July 12, 2009

DIY library and link round-up

there is a group of books that has found its way into our home through second hand book shops, yard sales, and library book sales. the reader's digest set of manuals produced in the 1970s and early 1980s. and i tell you...i have such high regard for these books. they have been (totaling less than $20) a frugal library staple for go-to books. in our set: back to basics, the complete do-it-yourself manual, the fix-it-yourself manual, and the complete guide to sewing.

these last two books helped me fix my sewing machine(!!), saving me money and an unnecessary trip to the sewing machine repair shop.

what's in your handy home library?'s my linky round-up:
  • adorable baby sun hat from purl bee!
  • portable fabric doll house from UK lass in US
  • moomama has a list of 100 frugal things to do with kids this summer!
  • - seriously...had never heard of this before, but when our energy and water efficient, 1.5 yr old front loader washer quit working (with a full load of cloth diapers in it) and flashed an error code, i googled it and found the fix laid out clearly by other consumers on fixya. thirty minutes later, mike and i had the washer cleaned out and running again. now we know where all the missing socks went. (ok, it wasn't really socks. i am not telling you what it was in there, but i will say mike's comment was "thank god this wasn't a sewer clog." yuck.) savings estimate of DIY? $200
  • annie of imagination in parenting has a fabric box tutorial. cute!
  • how about making your own swimsuit? the allison suit is 1940s style cute! (burda has loads of great free patterns for download. you just have register, which is also free.)
  • kermit gets all knit up!
  • gotta love the long thread for her awesome links. check out this one for crafts to do with kids this summer. there are some fabulous ones here. gift worthy fun!
  • how to do iron on transfers!
  • crochet a cute basket to hold your yarn stash. so who is gonna teach me crochet? anyone?
  • renee of FIMBY has a fabulous green drink recipe. i know my little guy will suck that back!
  • don't have a basket? make a bag for a scooter (or bike)!
  • i just love that SF leads the way. using unused space for community gardens. love it.
  • heather of beauty that moves has a conversation-starter post about grocery budgets. the comments are fascinating and informative.
  • just tutes has a great hat tutorial
  • decluttering and getting organized? you all know i am! whip up featured 2 books on the topic, neither of which i have read, but you all can look for more posts from me as i keep getting our home more pulled together!
edited to add: renee of FIMBY mentioned me in her pretty things post AND look at the dress i won for lala!


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