Saturday, May 2, 2009

on the 'net and wool coasters winner!

  • please visit rhian's blog and support her and the leukemia and lymphoma society as she runs a half-marathon. she was inspired by mollie, the 5 year old daughter of a friend of mine. check out either of their blogs for more info and to see mollie's sweet photo!
  • just another shout out about mike's 1967 cougar blog. man, am i married to a resourceful guy! lala loves "working"/"supervising"/painting/"helping" dada now while he is in the shop or working on the car. i love what she must be learning!
  • meredith at like merchant ships posted a delicious tea sandwich tip, using pumpkin bread and orange cream cheese. yum.
  • see create studio's homemade gift ideas post
  • i am so inspired by the simple green frugal co-op blog right now. in particular, flashbacks to childhood with this post on making your own pasta. (we only make some specialty pastas, now.) also, how to be more self-reliant and gardening as if there is no store
  • foodspiration has the recipe to those darn tasty lacy cookies.
  • the long thread had three different posts with links to eco-crafting tutorials! (see 1, 2, 3)
  • speaking of the previous blogging on making my own snack bags....
  • two more pillowcase dress tutorials. i am amazed at the variety of options for making a simple dress from a pillowcase! from maya made and from red instead. my version for lala, in the photo above, is following maya's steps. it was super easy. for reference, i only cut an inch off the closed end of standard pillowcase and it is a bit long on lala, a 42 inch (or so?) tall 4.5 year old.
  • a gorgeous (diaper) bag from a mingled yarn. might be beyond my sewing skills, though....
  • sew, mama, sew has 2 free project tutorials: a spring bag and a spring top

and...the winner of the random drawing for the upcycled wool coasters is: #4, melissa, who said:
I'm glad you found me b/c now I've found your blog! What a smart coaster idea-- I'm always looking for new ideas for my wool scraps.


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