Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i swear, this only coincides with the new year.

my brain has been in dryer mode lately (as in tumbling around a whole bunch of thoughts into one big tangled jumble). worry about the economy, environment, mike's job (yep, he returned from vacation to rumors of his whole team being outsourced within months), public school touring and choosing for lala, desire to simplify, need and desire to economize, need and desire to be more ecological, desire to purchase property/move, concern for our parents and the need to help them in a variety of ways, desire to work on our home, needing to be more cohesive as a nuclear family (which we happily got during mike's vacation), etc. etc. etc.

i swear, i kind of hit a goal-needing-point coincidentally at this time of year. and mike is on board. so here are some goals, which i guess coincidentally become new year's resolutions?
  • get back on body for life, really.
  • continue striving to keep moods and relationships even and positive.
  • continue purging and simplifying.
  • start and stick to a "no buying new," with rules we have agreed upon. (new is okay for: food, medical, underwear, socks, certain renovation materials if mutually agreed upon, some gifts (although homemade is preferable), and other items only after a significant search for an appropriate or similar item, used. if we must buy new, we need to try local and/or handmade sellers first. we are allowed to use gift cards.) this is not a "no spend" goal (although this served as motivation.) we will separately be watching our spending, but "no buying new" means we can still occasionally go out to eat, for example, yet still reduce spending and impact on the environment.


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